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 Join us for the next 6 Weeks Through Stillness Digital Coaching Program.


Because you don’t have to wait until vacation to slow down and you certainly don’t have to run away to an ashram to have a total life transformation. It can (it does!) happen subtly through committed daily action.

With a self-guided workbook, online support, and weekly group calls, we’ll take mindfulness + meditation + minimalism concepts and apply them to our modern lives with the intention of helping us all find our calm in the everyday chaos.


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  •  A digital course workbook with a new focus delivered to your inbox each week.
  • A weekly group conference call to dive deeper into the material and Q&A. Calls will be recorded but attendance is expected. (accountability, right?!)
  • A private facebook group for added support, accountability, and experience sharing.

These techniques only work when we put in the work. When you put in this level of work, some potential results you can expect are:

  • Improved focus

  • Increased self awareness = improved relationships, a stronger sense of contentment, personal growth

  • Increased presence = less caught up in yesterday and tomorrow and more focus on the here & the now, ability to bring more joy into moments

  • Stress reduction techniques = clarity of thought, increased body awareness, improved posture

  • Ability to let go and remove clutter from your thoughts and environment

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I’ve experienced urban and corporate induced stress and burn-out to the extreme and when I left the corporate world to start my own leadership coaching business a couple of years ago, I saw the same thing in every single client I worked with.

My clients were not only overwhelmed, burnt-out, over-stimulated and over-connected, they were lacking confidence, energy, and the motivation needed to implement changes and sometimes even just take care of themselves -- and I could relate.

I had a huge realization. What allowed me to pull myself from the ashes of that burnt out lifestyle I was pretending to “live” through was my dedication to stillness. I had cultivated mindful habits, a meditation practice, and adopted minimal thinking & living strategies that allowed me to take a much needed step back, gain perspective, and move forward with intention and clarity. I began incorporating these concepts into my coaching and can honestly tell you that any real change I saw in any client was rooted in stillness.

Through Stillness was born out of necessity. In order to make any effective outward change (career, promotion, relationship, location, etc) we need to look inward, first. Through Stillness exists to support you in this journey.

I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at hello@throughstillness, anytime. I’d love to learn what brought you here, what makes you most excited for this inward journey, and how Through Stillness can be the best support for you.